The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) was originally bred in the mid nineteenth
century in Yorkshire, England. A rugged region in the northern
part of the country. The Yorkie was bred at that time to kill mice,
rats and other vermin in small places as well as used for
specific hunting tasks because of the breed's eagerness
to take on challenges.
It was late in the Victorian Era that the Yorkie was introduced to
America and quickly increased in popularity among
 Americans by the 20th century and has
remained that way since.
The Yorkie is of the Toy Breed group and weighs 4-7 lbs. with a
height of 8-9 inches. Yorkies are born with a black color coat
which gradually turns to a blue and tan
coloration as they mature.
A true and loyal companion, the Yorkie is highly affectionate,
lively and very intelligent. The Yorkie gets along well with
other pets as well as children and are very playful. They have a
strong affinity toward their owner and are quick learners which
makes them very easy to train and are known to understand
a new command after about 15 repetitions.